Invasive Species

Invasive species are recognized nationally and locally as a costly and leading threat to healthy ecosystems.

The estimated damage from invasive species worldwide totals more than $1.4 trillion. Non-native invasive plants, animals, and diseases occur in all of the nation's ecosystems and negatively impact water quality, wildlife populations, and other natural resources. Citizens can improve the situation by not planting or spreading invasive plants, by removing invasives on their own properties, and by helping to remove them from parks and other public areas. Help us spread more awareness and understanding to engage citizens in these efforts.

Invasive plants are threatening natural areas all over the Mid-Atlantic. Plant invaders alter wildlife habitats and reduce biodiversity. They can kill trees, picture kudzu climbing to the tops of trees, and cost money, like hydrilla depressing fisheries or getting caught in boat props. But volunteers like you can make a difference.

Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council